V3 Volatile Helmet

by Fox Racing

The most complete approach to safety and performance

The V3 Volatile Helmet is a graphic treat wrapped around a trusted safety and performance icon. Designed with Mips®—an impact technology that manages rotational forces on impact to add a Low Friction Layer between the helmet and the head, the V3 puts your protection front and center. The composite fiberglass shell bumps up the impact resistance, but without sacrificing its lightweight feel. Featuring a hydration routing system so you can keep the H2O flowing as you rip, ride comfort is enhanced further with induction vents to aid ventilation plus the Ionic+® moisture-wicking liner and cheek pads to keep you cool. Safety and performance go hand-in-hand with this race-ready dirt bike helmet.

  • Mips® equipped
  • Composite fiberglass shell for reduced weight
  • Compatible with most helmet communication systems
  • Hydration routing system allows you to hydrate while on the move
  • Meets DOT and ECE 22.06 standards
  • Equipped with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (Mips®), which adds a low-friction layer between the helmet and the head
  • A composite fiberglass shell provides increased impact resistance while reducing weight
  • 3-position visor with custom shear-away hardware
  • The MDEPS™ EPS liner protects by spreading the forces of impact across a wider surface area
  • Equipped with Emergency Cheek Pad Removal System
  • Ionic+® moisture-wicking liner
  • Speaker recess compartments are compatible with most helmet communication systems
  • The hydration routing system allows you to hydrate while on the move
  • Titanium D-ring fastener


  • DOT and ECE22.06 standards

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