PowerBand Audio Lower Fairing Speaker Bezels

by Motorsports HQ

This kit makes it possible to install premium PowerBand Audio speakers in Hard Lower Fairings (PN 2889475; sold separately). These injection-molded, left- and right-hand speaker housings install in the open top section of each lower fairing. This housing snaps into place and is held securely by a retaining bolt at the rear of the housing. The wiring from the speaker housings connects with plug-and-play ease to the bike’s wiring harness. Audio speakers sold separately

  • Stylish bezels put the finishing touch on set of audio speakers in Hard Lower Fairings (2889475-XXX; sold separately)
  • Available in Chrome (-156) and Cruiser Black (-266)
  • Provide a finished, custom look matching the great look of the bike’s other audio speakers
Chrome or Black
Injection Molded Plastic
Ease Of Installation
Required Sold Separately
Hard Lower Fairings (If no accessory speakers are added, 5 1/4 PowerBand Speaker Kit (2889057) is needed. If the bike has either an accessory trunk or saddlebag speakers 5 1/4 PowerBand Speaker kit with Power Supply (2883926) is needed.
Does Not Work With
Hard Lower Storage Kit
Care And Cleaning
Please see your Indian Motorcycle® Riders Manual for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.

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