Highmark SPIRE LT PAS Vest

by Snowpulse

The Highmark Spire Vest is the avalanche airbag for snowmobilers who demand the ultimate in protection and supreme comfort.  The Highmark Spire comes with a Protection Airbag System and the unique comfort and fit of a vest.

The SPIRE is unlike any other Vest on the market.  It’s made of a super lightweight material that reduces weight, increases mobility and makes for a much cooler experience – temperature wise and otherwise!

Featuring the Snowpulse 2.0 system (the lightest avalanche airbag system on the market) and a Protection Airbag System (P.A.S.), the Highmark Spire delivers more protection from trauma incurred during an avalanche than any other airbag. The unique horseshoe-shaped airbag deploys around the head, neck, and chest to offer key protection to these areas.

Like all Highmark available airbags, you’ll find lots of snowmobile-specific features on these packs, including exterior shovel storage and a right-side (left hand!) trigger pull so that you can keep your finger on the throttle when speed matters. Designed in Canada by snowmobilers and built by Mammut.

New for 19/20 is the increase in volume to 18L and a longer probe sleeve to accommodate all sizes of avalanche probes.

Volume: 18L

Weight: 6.65lbs (includes airbag & cylinder)

Airbag Style: Protection Airbag System

Inflation System: Snowpulse 3.0

New lightweight material

Exterior shovel blade and handle carry

Full covered, durable front zipper

Adjustable side panels allow for S-3XL fit with 2 compression straps

3 front pockets 1 main storage pocket

Leg loop

Internal compartment for avalanche tools

Optional armour available

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