ClimaCommand Comfort+ Seat, Black

by Indian Motorcycle

The rider and passenger both enjoy a comfortable ride in all conditions with this innovative ClimaCommand Comfort+ Seat. This well-cushioned seat provides adjustable heating and cooling controls for the rider seat and the slightly elevated passenger perch. Enjoy a heated seat when the weather turns cool, and experience a cooling, comfortable seat that minimizes sweating and discomfort during warm-weather riding. This seat's durable vinyl cover is water- and UV-resistant, easy to clean to maintain its showroom appearance, and features modern aggressive styling to complement its plush comfort. Seat may require additional harnesses depending on application; please contact your dealer for more information.

  • One ClimaCommand Comfort+ Seat, Black
  • Provides comfortable ride in all weather conditions
  • Adjustable heating and cooling controls for both rider and passenger
  • 3 levels of control in both heating and cooling modes
  • Heated seat settings to stay comfortable when the weather turns cool
  • Cooling seat settings to minimize sweating and discomfort during warm-weather
  • Well-cushioned seat includes slightly elevated passenger perch
  • Durable, water- and UV-resistant vinyl cover

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