ARO Stud Boy Deuce Center Skag (Fits ARO Traverse Ski)

by Polaris Snowmobile
Sold out

By upgrading your center skag you’ll experience improved steering, lighter steering feel, and more control on your Timbersled ARO or RIOT ski, regardless of what type of riding and snow conditions you face. This center skag was engineered to optimize steering control, allowing drivers to ride longer by reducing fatigue. The less fatigue you experience, the more time you can spend exploring on your Timbersled. Features 2 rows of cutting carbide that bite ice and snow making icy trails and road crossings more enjoyable.

Recommended with - Timbersled Traverse Ski, ARO Traverse Ski & Spindle Kit (2883418)

  • Optimize steering control
  • Features 2 rows of cutting carbide

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