5 1/4 in. PowerBand Audio Amplified Speakers

by Indian Motorcycle
Save 12%

Embrace the PowerBand™ Audio System with the first step to receive up to 30% increase in audio system loudness. On your Indian® Chieftain, start by the adding this PowerBand™ Audio 5 ¼” Amplified Speaker Kit to your front fairing. On your Indian® Roadmaster, start with adding two PowerBand™ Audio 5 ¼” Amplified Speaker Kits, one in your trunk and one to your front fairing.

The PowerBand™ Audio 5 ¼” Amplified Speaker utilizes the Indian Motorcycle® Ride Command® Distributed Audio System—an innovative audio technology that has a separate Audio Power Supply and the amplifier integrated onto the speaker, creating a space-saving single module that installs easily in place of a stock speaker. This premium, amplified speaker preserves valuable cargo space on your bike and delivers significantly louder audio to enjoy on the open road. Indian Motorcycle® Ride Command® automatically recognizes when a PowerBand™ Audio 5 ¼” Amplified Speaker has been installed and it automatically: increases Audio Power Supply voltage output by over 30%, upgrades the Ride Command® equalizer from a 5-band to a 9-band for greater sound control, and boosts low and high frequencies for richer sound.

This integrated technology delivers industry-leading value, as it requires no additional amps, harnesses, or installation hardware for the front fairing or trunk. Riders enjoy significantly upgraded audio performance without the cost, installation time, or space required for other audio systems with stand-alone amplifiers. With a high-excursion woofer, the bass is greatly enhanced as this speaker delivers approximately three times the bass output at 80 Hz as a stock speaker.

These speakers fit into the bike’s specially designed ported speaker enclosures, which allow the speakers to achieve optimal output range and lower frequencies, and hold more pressure without deflecting so the speakers can be driven harder.

*Sound Pressure Level – the loudness of the audio as measured in decibels -- is measured in decibels and is highly dependent on location of measurement equipment, frequency, and environmental conditions.

  • Boosts the power and clarity of your audio system
  • Delivers an immediate and significant increase in audio system loudness (up to 30%)
  • Installs in place of standard speakers in fairing and trunk
  • RIDE COMMAND automatically recognizes these speakers have been installed
  • System automatically upgrades equalizer from 5-band to 9-band performance for greater sound control
  • System automatically boosts low and high frequencies for richer sound with 3x the bass output as the standard speakers


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