Brett Turcotte Signature Bar

by Cheetah Factory Racing

The Brett Turcotte Signature Bar returns for its 6th season, giving everyone access to the cockpit of one of the planets most progressive riders! Much like his trophy cabinet, Brett’s riding style is constantly evolving, so when Brett switched over to Polaris a few years back and needed a new handlebar to work with the different dynamics of his new whip, we went back to the drawing board. The latest incarnation of the Turcotte bar has been lowered to 1” because of the higher steering post design on the Polaris and narrowed to 30” wide to Brett’s specification. This is a strong, stiff bar built to withstand everything that Brett dishes out.

Our entire lineup of handlebars is built from the inside out starting with high-quality, double-butted, heat-treated 7075 aluminum for a strong and lightweight base. The center clamping surface is an oversized 1 1/8” thick for maximum strength and stiffness and the bars gradually taper to 7/8” at the grips for easy control installation and maximum comfort. Our proprietary construction allows energy to dissipate over this gradual tapering thickness within the inner core resulting in a stronger bar that dampens hard hits and also gives the user better feel for what’s going on underneath the snow. Quick Rise technology gives the handlebar more flat bar space using less width. Your hands can now move closer to center allowing more power for flicking your snowmobile in tight spaces while the width is still there for stability and all your stock controls will fit, win-win!

Important Notes

**The Turcotte bar is an oversized 1 1/8" in the center. A 7/8" to 1 1/8" adapter or a handlebar that accepts oversized handlebars might be needed depending on the snowmobile riser you have **

Product Specs

  • 1" rise
  • 5° upward bend
  • 12° pull back
  • 30" width
  • QR Technology.
  • Made from 7075 heat-treated super aluminum with flex technology.
  • Better positioning than stock bars and way stronger, our proprietary construction dissipates bumpy conditions better than stock bars keeping you fresh and riding longer!
  • The Brett Turcotte Signature Bar is available in 5 colorways (Red, Black, White, Purple, Gold and Raw Aluminum)

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